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No atheist would care about Christians if they kept their religion to themselves and stopped bothering non-christians.

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Big cocck in her ass Ass
Big cocck in her ass Ass
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Doran 19.05.2018
Imagine yourself as the lawyer for the next Christian baker case reading through
Kagarr 27.05.2018
Haven't done that in 40 years. May have to throwback and try again.
Mosida 03.06.2018
Science doesn't 'play' by any rules. Science IS those rules. The rules apply to what we have found to be the best system for gathering accurate information about stuff. "Stuff" means things observable. For things to be observable they must have observable attributes. God is not within the order of 'stuff' as God doesn't have attributes. God is a belief based upon experience and appreciation of experience.
Meztishicage 08.06.2018
Your comments and beliefs tell a different story.
Nalabar 12.06.2018
That would have a location tag. No thanks
Kishicage 14.06.2018
Well I wouldn?t necessarily use moron to describe an atheist but....
Aramuro 22.06.2018
Easy. Too many easy to obtain guns.
Tygogrel 25.06.2018
I'm saying I have no idea where your molester comment came from.
Vikree 27.06.2018
8.5 hours? No man needs that, you must be a child. Explains your thought process. When you grow up you?ll learn that being a troll is ?not cool?.
Maukinos 02.07.2018
Google "multiverse" and see who believes it, dahhhtheist.
Akilmaran 09.07.2018
I cant speak for all the "Fundies" , I will speak for me..I don't vote based on how much of a good guy or gal they are. That's just common sense. If you are voting based on their "goodness" or "Christian adherence" it will never work.
Nezragore 13.07.2018
Why do you say that? Is there something in that field that contradicts what I've just said?
Fenrikora 22.07.2018
"You initially defined what was "positive" in terms of less people not less suffering."
Vogami 27.07.2018
I once passed through Windsor on my way to Florida. ;)
Jugis 06.08.2018
The States are the main culprits.
Shakall 07.08.2018
Our Spring (in North Eastern Ontario)has been a month behind.
Ball 10.08.2018
Anthology, not a library. Library represents a much larger collection than just the bible.
Najind 20.08.2018
"God's laws" were written by man.
Negami 20.08.2018
I am running through the thread trying to find the person who was talking about utilitarian hedonism (moggett?). Minimizing pain doesn't mean eradicating it. Maximizing pleasure doesn't mean no pain ever. It means you attempt to strike a balance and maintain homeostasis. So I think that there's an application there for recognizing that a small amount of pain now (someone on death row) can avoid a large amount of pain for the whole of society.
Vudogami 25.08.2018
Lol... that's like comparing osteotomy with a dichotomy.
Doulrajas 30.08.2018
Sexual intercourse between a man and a woman is the only natural sex, and it is for the sole purpose of creating children. If a person is too cowardly to continue on that life choice of having children, they should abstain from sexual intercourse altogether and stop pretending they know what they're doing.
Zulkill 01.09.2018
Their 2018 message is the same as their 2016 message:
Tugis 04.09.2018
Some atheists rage for the same reason that people rage about other things, such as sports teams, or politics, or gun control, or abortion, or whatever. It's a cancer eating away at our society. Some people just can't handle a different opinion and society is teaching them that reacting negatively gives them attention to their cause.