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Is there any chance your mind will open the the fact that prophet Muhammad was a caravan robber, mass murderer and slave trader?

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Kong fu hustler
Kong fu hustler
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Dot 20.02.2018
you no contribute to goat meme you become goat food
Yozshujar 02.03.2018
Well, some did die. Like the Horsefaced Butterbird and the Fishhands Kangapus.
Faedal 09.03.2018
Any scientifically recognized species which FITS PERFECTLY in between two other scientifically recognized species IS a ''missing link'', poor ignoramus !
Vujind 17.03.2018
I would argue it was Jews, and the Jewish rendition of God, that were the first people preoccupied with them...
Yozshurr 20.03.2018
Um, I'm taking you did not look at the recently declassified files the US govt opened to the world. It showed the studies into paranormal stuff, and there is hard evidence. A guy who, in a separate room, can reproduce what someone draws in a secluded room somewhere else. This is one of quite a bit of evidence they have.
Bakus 24.03.2018
Your statement also basically goes, that we atheists, or agnostics, MUST have religions forced upon us by the religious as there is no freedom from religion.
Dousida 29.03.2018
Care to exchange notes on them? Maybe put them into practice?
Goltihn 02.04.2018
God is purposeful and proceeds toward His goal in a way that makes sense to Him. So here we are.
Tosida 06.04.2018
Someone wrote the Epistles. They share a common writing style and rigourous theology.
Dukinos 13.04.2018
Herod's death is 4BCE, not 1 CE. The census was in 6 CE. Nice try at that.
Tegal 18.04.2018
No, I didn't find any references to this event.
Mezahn 27.04.2018
Your health and family are what matters most. Possessions and items can be replaced. Sometimes it can present an opportunity to create something new or to change something.
Vudojar 02.05.2018
smaller, focused campaigns (like what the byzantine emperor that wrote to Urban envisioned) may have had better long-term success.
Kajitaur 03.05.2018
No. There are people that do good things and people that do bad things
Bakasa 10.05.2018
How do you read the Bible? I don't think I've seen you explain that before.
Taugar 17.05.2018
"thot" is definitely another one I can understand or stand for that matter.
Zolodal 23.05.2018
Existence and causation must be demonstrated it is not enough to have an argument.
Zulugar 31.05.2018
OK Rich. Mlle Z has made it clear that your comments along this vein are offensive. You are now moving into harrassment. Nope. Not here. We are not a cage match channel, but there are plenty of them out there for you to visit! Have fun elsewhere!
Yozragore 31.05.2018
Some of us...
Zulukus 05.06.2018
Where is your source?
Vuzahn 08.06.2018 surprises about ole Bill.
Nakora 14.06.2018
No kidding!! And, we do.