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Record sperm shooters


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It's not the fall that will kill you, it's the landing.

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Record sperm shooters
Record sperm shooters
Record sperm shooters
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Akinogar 01.06.2018
You'll have meant AD, I hope?
Shajind 05.06.2018
Again, your thinking is not coherent.
Nemuro 07.06.2018
"If he mentions nothing about stopping slavery or that it's even a bad thing then he failed as a teacher or condoned slavery."
Tagrel 12.06.2018
I don't know of any Christian business trying to not serve homosexuals. No business with premade product is telling any homosexuals, "no product for you". The Christian business are just not wanting to be part of a sin, i.e. homosexual marriage. Why the left and homosexuals won't deal with facts is just childish.
Shaktirg 16.06.2018
My right eye would have started twitching while talking about it??
Zulkishakar 27.06.2018
Fine. I would consider myth to be a subset of fiction and have no objection to bible stories being classed as myths.
Shaktilkree 06.07.2018
The one thing you are forgetting is that it's actually the Law of Conservation of Mass and Energy. Every nuclear reactor or atomic/nuclear bomb (they're different, you know. . .) literally converts matter into energy. Nagasaki, for instance, was the conversion of about a gram of mass into energy. Mostly, it was heat but it was also kinetic energy, gamma and x-rays (both are photons. . .massless) and even the energy of the sound waves.
Faejas 10.07.2018
Sincere best wishes, George. I feel for you.
Maunris 19.07.2018
It may be your OP, but I was invited to share what I think. And I stand by my statement. Your arguments are not intended to talk about science nor to clarify the fact of evolution via a scientific alternative, no. Your arguments are pointing at selling your brand of religion, period.
Dukazahn 26.07.2018
Once again, you are making ASSumptions.
Dihn 30.07.2018
It doesn't matter if it is the mother or the father who stays home and takes care of the children... it's whoever stays home and takes care of the kids that will be mocked.
Yozshurr 03.08.2018
Quick, dumbass, there's Russians surrounding your house. Call 911.
Voodoomi 10.08.2018
I believe the evidence.
Shakak 17.08.2018
I'm not questioning 'mother's love'. I'm questioning a mother's belief her young gay son is celibate. A mother who claims her life "fell apart" when she learned he was gay. Imagine how he feels knowing he brought that misery upon her. Better to tell her he's celibate and live a secret life.
Samujind 21.08.2018
You can keep repeating this a hundred ways Stallion, were never going to agree. Take a break.
Meztigrel 29.08.2018
That would be "Senator bitch".
Mikagami 08.09.2018
they look uncomfortable as f*ck. I'd be like "these are my f*cking shoes. the shoes I wear while f*cking and nothing else."
Togar 10.09.2018
Strawman. No. The OP is about changes coming to evolutionary theory that some modern evolutionary theorists do not think are needed. They worry that any changes to the theory "open the door to let God back in". It's a terrible reason not to do good science.
Kajilrajas 15.09.2018
The amount of effort he puts into his trolling makes me think he has no job