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ashy;" anot;I flashed the best smile I could manage at her and strode away. "If we dress like that it has two effects. It was the second time he had his cock in my asshole, and I asked if he wanted to cum in my mouth.

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ashy;"It's all your fault. We just worry about you when you don't call.

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James - people disageee with you because YOU are misinterpreting the OP and many of the comments. NO ONE has said that this man committed a criminal act. He did not physically assault her. What he did DOES meet the definition of sexual harassment that I posted below. Once again, you are taking things to the extreme.

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All of you with the exception of those on the autism spectrum or sociopaths.
Mele 13.03.2018
Sorry, but that is how the courts have interpreted the law to be. I do not make the law. You can't demand satisfaction from someone, simply because they are 'creepy'. There is a legal standard that has to met.
Kazrajin 21.03.2018
*sigh* Maeve and Hector...I heart you.
Grogrel 23.03.2018
Let it be known from this day forward that I have the mind of a prominent black judge.
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Twentysomething and new. That seems to be young here!
Dousho 27.03.2018
If you assume fill gene splicing capability, then all they need to keep are samples of everyone, and there is no need to maintain the disabled, nor force the uninterested to become parents against their will.
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"No, they actually love us"