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No, I agree with you. I don't think Gen 1 would even need the lie. I think it comes into play Gen 6 or so. If the earlier generation was tight lipped enough and they creatively altered records, it's plausible. Whether it's the right call, I go with 'no', but I have nothing to back it up.

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Asian girl 1 6 figures
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Faekree 02.03.2018
What are you talking about? Haven't we agreed there is no proof of ESP? {We are using ESP as an example, we are talking about anything "spiritual"] Just, you have no proof there is no such thing as extra sensory perception. To say there is no ESP is just as fallacious as saying there is ESP. Like the notion of whether the Universe was created, that it is a function. No proof of that. Also no proof that is not the case. Science does not know.
Vunris 06.03.2018
Only to the Atheist, okay?
Telmaran 14.03.2018
polls open late there
Faugrel 17.03.2018
Oh, snap. Is there a trick to growing mint? That sounds awesome.
Vudoshicage 24.03.2018
Be nice prime
Kazrajora 26.03.2018
It always fluxes, new folks come, folks leave, folks take breaks and so on.
Tashakar 31.03.2018
So clearly the poster believes if evolution were true, then life would have evolved on Mars. So clearly the dots hes connecting are
Zolobei 05.04.2018
That's how you know god loves
Voodoosho 13.04.2018
False. It is your opinion that they are wrong, but they are not.
Shazshura 15.04.2018
If force or false promises are used then I oppose such methods of conversion. I find attempts at conversion by word of mouth in public places such as retail outlets and hospitals annoying but I don't say anything.
Faunos 26.04.2018
Are you a fool for staying around trying to make it work? I dunno - are you? Why does your husband think you won't leave - the kids? The money? You've been married forever and you are afraid to be on your own? A lot of woman sacrifice their own self-esteem in the name of "being with someone" because it's easier to have someone else shoulder the weight of raising children and maintaining a home; plus, they've never really been on their own before, or haven't in a long long time, and they're scared witless of that.
Akinodal 27.04.2018
Name it and claim it. And we've been asking forever what is the name of the mechanism that puts a limit on speciation and exactly how does it function? Or what is the mechanism that keeps micro evolution from becoming macro evolution? Go ahead explain it with your magic tree - rib woman - talking snake - flaming swords "science." This mechanism, if it exists then tell us the name of it and exactly how it functions. Hint: Jesus is not the answer even though it's the only one you have.