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All nude mud wrestling
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Please do not let facts get in the way of a good rant.
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So you are saying that Blacks hate Whites? Do they discriminate against Whites? Do they keep them from getting jobs or housing or service in restaurants? They may speak derisively about Whites but where is the overt discrimination?
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That?s because they are accountable to something other than
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This hateful, intolerant, bigoted, anit-Christian diatribe of yours that you insist on going off on with every OP, whether it has anything to do with the subject of the OP or not, is getting tiresome. We get it. You're a troll that has a hateful chip on their shoulder against Christians the size of a continent. I look forward to the time when the mods ban you for spamming, and for breaking channel rules, which you do consistently. You should have been booted a long time ago.
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Is this OP sarcastically mocking a terrible argument or is it just that terrible?
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Maybe I'm just a jerk that doesn't notice things lol. I think i'm more likely to remember a guy wearing a sharp suit than a women with a new outfit, bad as that is.
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A person can absolutely be a place in a metaphor or a parable.
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Water's pretty stable. I'm surprised "react with water" is a definition of organic, but it's been two decades since I studied this stuff so... someone better than me will know.
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We're not talking about likelihood. We're talking about how certain you are.
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Sounds like your definition of Christianity is quite narrow. How do you define it?