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Untrue - that was just the DNC having bad policy and continually veering excessively to the Left. Just because they happen to be white isn't proof of your argument. It's just proof of your racism.

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Vozshura 22.03.2018
Return soon, Justice Duchess.
Kigarg 01.04.2018
So, for Teacher Appreciation Week, they each received a $25 Amazon gift card. Know what I got for Administrative Professionals Day?! NADA!
Vudorisar 05.04.2018
Oh! The horror...
Kigat 07.04.2018
Tard OPs.....the stuff of morons.
Grorn 12.04.2018
The laws of physics are what does it though. No need for a god.
Volmaran 21.04.2018
Contradicting me is not good conversation.
Voodoosho 30.04.2018
Have you ever read Shang Yang? His teaching is much more relevant to the modern Chinese society.
Gabei 07.05.2018
I actually meant, you just gave it but here's another:
Samulmaran 16.05.2018
If Jesus was a living god I'd be able to see him first, and then believe him because he's shown himself as actually real.
Fezilkree 21.05.2018
I haven?t during the funeral, but it?s went down after having a few drinks at the bar after