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Trump is definitely on a hot streak right now. The Left likes to focus on things that don't matter (like an affair prior to being president), while the Right focuses on things that do matter (3 Americans finally coming home). Not hard to see who is more sound right now.

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Shakagar 08.03.2018
The Jews wrote the OT and they do NOT believe it tells of the coming of Christ. They should know, right?
Samuhn 12.03.2018
Perhaps more important than these successes, however, is the reinvigoration of America?s patriotic sense of self, which the rise of Donald Trump has awakened. Our country is being reconnected to our founding principles, the values that made America the greatest country in the world, and in doing so, is coming to understand just how destructive the last few decades of elite leadership have been to our freedom, prosperity, and safety.
Tygogul 18.03.2018
All very subjective. Also I have seen all of those in very religious people. So no guarantee a more religious society would be better. The negative changes you have seen could be for reasons not caused by the decline in religion.
Goltiktilar 26.03.2018
Mr. Stallion, You made many claims about the alleged erroneous nature of the Bible, but you gave not even one fact or evidence for even one error in the Bible. So you preach errors without showing errors. You just made a sweeping generalization without any proofs.
JoJokus 29.03.2018
Me being in la la land does not negate the fact that I do this because I feel like it and so do the other thousand or so members of my church on rotating weekends. I am also very certain I am not the only one. My church back home had much more community outreach programs than this church I am now attending.
Mazurr 31.03.2018
Good morning my dears
Daihn 08.04.2018
You try the British government.
Goll 15.04.2018
True...I think he may be tactically trying to take increasing power incrementally, while strategically pursing a course of "divide and conquer." Pretty transparent.