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A theist IS a Christian vv unless the poster makes a distinction.

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fuck me please from spicygirlcam,com tube
fuck me please from spicygirlcam,com tube
fuck me please from spicygirlcam,com tube
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Tulabar 17.05.2018
Well, you're learning how to insult people from your bible teaching, but you forgot the poor Samaritan women was hungry and she did nothing wrong but your Bible says, Jesus called her dog and didn't give her a piece of bread. I've done with you, may God open your eyes to know, there is nothing Satanic but your Bible.
Shakakora 21.05.2018
Thanks, and also to you.. excellent scripture verses to seek him whole-heartedly..
Shaktilmaran 25.05.2018
That's a bunch of junk. I don't know about those kind of things and don't pretend to but if you are in that kind of misery there should be some way that insurance would cover that
Arashisar 05.06.2018
The theme I keep hearing chanted in unison by all the Jesus mythicists on this forum. "I don't care, I don't care, I don't care!" If you don't care, why are you debating it?
Nizuru 09.06.2018
We get State side Mormon missionaries in Jhb, South Africa on a two year mission. They seem decent and sincere and set a good example for the youth. They are true to their religious upbringing.
Grobei 14.06.2018
she's a liar
Dujora 24.06.2018
First off, if you have ever read the Bible, why would anybody risk wanting to be with the god of that set of stories?? He is a complete a-hole.
Kazigul 28.06.2018
I'm not going to counter the venerable Tulku on his views about the destructive potentiality of anger. But let's be wise. Anger is part of human psychology and won't be suppressed. It has value in so far as it reveals to a party the degree to which they may or may not have strayed from their rightful parameters of conduct. It has value.
Vijora 06.07.2018
The Roman empire was distinct from the Hellene city states.
Vudotilar 11.07.2018
If these motivated seminary students couldn't find any contradictions then why do you think you know any? I have an example of an apparent contradiction. One place the Bible talks about Cyrus (King of Persia) did something in the first year of his reign and in another place it tells that he did this exact same thing in his 10th year of his reign. It ends up that the 10th year account was chronicled by someone in the Persian empire, the other was chronicled by Daniel after Persias conquered the Babylonian Empire and both accounts are correct.
Tum 12.07.2018
For the last time, If Adam were the first Hebrew, where and how did he learn Hebrew?
Nikoktilar 20.07.2018
Not harsh just direct
Mezragore 22.07.2018
What, me too
Kitilar 29.07.2018
Nope. Yockey is miss using or miss understands the word analogy. It does not mean the similarity is "litereral". However, Yockey accepts evolution as fact so basing any "God did it" claims on Yockey is self defeating right out of the box.
Guk 02.08.2018
It was dismissed, but the two EMT's ended up quitting and not pursuing their dream of becoming paramedics.
Akikree 10.08.2018
Indeed. I could just feel his presents in the room.
Negami 12.08.2018
Meli started the topic. One of the most civil discussions on these topics I have seen in some time.
Zulkigul 21.08.2018
But yeah, those characters weren't of your cult. If anything, they were Jewish. Hebrew.
Maudal 26.08.2018
Says the tin foil hat wearing creationist, who got all of his science education at Ken Ham's Ark Park. The Hamite Clan I call them, all worshiping their cult leader Ken Ham. The expert - on stealing tax dollars to promote his insanity.
Goltigul 04.09.2018
The posts speak for themselves!
Vujind 14.09.2018
You might need to break that down a to how you see that proving it was 5 literal days.