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Issues like who?s doctrine is absolutely correct? LOLOL Thanks! You are right my friend.

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Glory hole girlz kelly
Glory hole girlz kelly
Glory hole girlz kelly
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Tabar 07.05.2018
Perhaps it is. Then again, maybe the creationism/evolution debate might be the same way - there are better hills for religious individuals to die on than anti-evolution, and I'm sure agnostics/atheists get a bit frustrated with going through the mud of arguments like "micro-evolution is true to macro-evolution is not" and so on.
Goltisida 14.05.2018
never said you did
Shaktilrajas 18.05.2018
For sure: therapy, treatment and medical help. Not "run off to Vietnam for some hack job hormones and surgery."
Tauhn 21.05.2018
When you stop lying, I'll stop calling you a liar.
Yozshutaur 30.05.2018
What a jolly jig! Don't forget your shots, now!
Malarg 05.06.2018
What I want I already wrote in the OP. I want commenters to state which they view as worse: Christian Fundamentalism or Islamic Fundamentalism.
Gror 12.06.2018
lot's of them. Reagan. Trump. All of the current Republicans that voted for the last tax welfare for the rich.
Dalrajas 20.06.2018
He's promising to spend way more than 4% of the budget, and reduce taxes even more.
Faeshakar 25.06.2018
the only science I adhere to is the science that has reached the highest awarded state, a theory.