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one in power need no reasoning and logic...

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Mebei 04.07.2018
All the gods used to hide in the gaps within the sum total of all human knowledge. Those gaps are now too small to accommodate any/all of the gods, goddesses and god-men invented by humans.
Torisar 04.07.2018
It is not void after its painted. Till then it is "void" "empty" "without" the coming picture.
Nikogami 08.07.2018
So you want Canada to follow West Virginia down the drain and replace medical care with privately distributed opioids? The idiots are the right wingers who are intentionally voting for the guy whose platform only meets their platform expectations if he's lying.
Mazurr 10.07.2018
7 - To anti theism yes. They use it as a continual scapegoat in their discussions.
Dairan 18.07.2018
I have degrees in electrical engineering and computer science. I know what code is, and the assignment of coding to DNA is just an analogy. DNA is complex and pretty amazing, but nothing divine.
Doura 24.07.2018
You should read the Bible instead of all sorts of stupid rubbish in the internet.
Goltishicage 29.07.2018
Myself and about 100 million other people could have told them different. A Trump supporter with a big mouth is going to eventually say something like that, in private they say much worse things.
Taukasa 31.07.2018
"Science has shown us how many gods can't exist. It wasn't even trying to. Just happened."
Galmaran 03.08.2018
Probably because he doesn't have your Email address. Great job taking apart his arguments with so few words.
Metaxe 13.08.2018
this exchange needs your attn:
Mukasa 17.08.2018
lol - I'm not holding my breath for that either ;)
Zulkishura 27.08.2018
Not really. The Scriptures declare "the circle of the Earth, and he was able to asses its distance from the Earth by observing its shadow inside a well, but clearly - until the Gagarin age and the rockets, when pictures were taken - it was referred to as a pear shaped.
Kejar 01.09.2018
Sounds very similar to the way Harper was treated by the progs.
Bazshura 03.09.2018
My words are constructed in the manner that I intend them to be when answering a theist so please stop trying trying to take a stab at what you think *I* mean.
Gujar 04.09.2018
I laugh at the way bigots praise the tools they have invented to measure themselves. IQ tests are bollocks. Blacks have non of the above which are facts, not apologies.
Kasida 10.09.2018
yeah, we kind of wandered on the sexual harassment one. sorry bout that