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But without, there would have likely been no results. Some better than none?

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Nudist sex on the beach clips
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Um, no. I presented an article which links to several studies showing that you're wrong. Come on, sweetie. Something a little better than "I know you are but what am I."
Kazragor 11.05.2018
God Bless you!
Kagataxe 12.05.2018
Yep, the World's difficult to deal with, fersure!
Maujar 21.05.2018
Right? Like, this is on you, dude!
Nabar 28.05.2018
Oh lawd!! So the ACTUAL violence that floods our news is ok....just fake violence? That's the problem, bewbies and fake violence. Uh huh....suuuuuuure.
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LOLOLOL - I'm not quite like that but I'm not too far off.
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Good evening to you!...
Kashakar 18.06.2018
He didn't ask 'what', he asked 'when'.
Malaramar 21.06.2018
Yes it does.
Vigore 28.06.2018
Marriage has nothing to do with scripture. It was around before the bible and is practiced all over the world. Scripture only relates to you if you choose to follow it. Not to others or society at large.
Nikogul 01.07.2018
and they have more murders, London uses pointy objects that mommy government has to take away, for their own good.
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You said a lot but you didn't answer my question. Why does the post say that science has shown how many God's can't exist? I would hope that you would even want to correct this falsehood.
Momi 20.07.2018
"Do you like another morality shoved down your throat?"