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We take so much for granted these days it is a shame.

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Shakagore 11.06.2018
What I mean is that there are people who say gay marriage leads to dog marriage, child marriage, and that gays molest little kids.
Kagashicage 20.06.2018
A Danish Viking king became Christian, that was the end of vikings.
Taujin 01.07.2018
I beg to differ. We are all sons and daugthers of God. Jesus was the first born. But there are so many more of us daily becoming His offspring. ???????
Arahn 01.07.2018
equality is good in some areas but not in police firefighters and army ... if i found out a family member died because she was to weak oh i'll sue
Moogusar 05.07.2018
Yes an elected representative should have 50 + 1 before taking a riding. Rid ourselves of fptp and go to run offs.
Akinohn 15.07.2018
LOL, so that what your going to try an use to excuse your deflect. LOL
Shakajind 22.07.2018
It's claimed that Matthew was not in Jerusalem. It has never been proven. His knowledge of Palestinian geography is quite a bit better than Mark's. In my view, though, as an adherent of Matthean priority, Mark's geographical "errors" are actually mainly about making sure Jesus spends enough time hanging out with the Gentiles outside Palestine. Mark thinks Jesus' body is "spiritual," so it's no harder for Jesus to walk to Tyre and Sidon than it is for him to walk on water. Mark is trying to refute some words that Matthew probably put in Jesus' mouth: "I was sent only to the lost sheep of the house of Israel." (Matthew 15:24, NASB).
Meztigor 29.07.2018
Free fertilizer... Go for it.
Daidal 30.07.2018
It's weird, very weird, that the Dems wanted their stuff back from this IT guy, but that they didn't want any law enforcement involved in the process. Very strange indeed!
Faezilkree 31.07.2018
Aww, c'mon. Everyone who says they don't believe in Zeus really does, they're just in rebellion.
Dorisar 09.08.2018
Atheism literally has no fundamentals. A person cannot be fundamentalist about nothing.
Mezirn 15.08.2018
The first is equal to saying "I don't believe you ( theist claim that God exist). The second is equal to say "No you are wrong." The second is a positive claim and has a burden of proof. The first does not.
Dozilkree 17.08.2018
So if God can always have existed, why can't the universe have always existed?
Samugul 21.08.2018
Precisely why your circus is leaving. See? You progs can't help it: ALREADY with the bombast.
Tashicage 27.08.2018
So don't tell that "monarch" and "emperor" are the same.
Akinorn 05.09.2018
The only delusion is the one where you think you have rebutted anything.
Faugar 10.09.2018
So, I laid a lot out there for you to chew on. I even mocked you by calling you a Trumpkin. Yet, the
Tunris 12.09.2018
Umm, you don't get a tax discount for sex. Gods I wish you did
Daibei 20.09.2018
I can say that I am not a racist or supremacist.
Maubar 27.09.2018
Are you calling cum gurgler and Abdul-Vlad99, stupid? They'll be nasty to you the next time you are in the Soros staff canteen!