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It's your reality.

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I was thinking Colin Kaepernick. He's looking for work.

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Taulabar 26.06.2018
Most departments have actually been doing most of these things for a while....
Faunris 27.06.2018
Some women feel more comfortable with a male OB, for similar reasons. They are just not comfortable having a woman touch them there.
Kazit 05.07.2018
There is no really good answer here. I would look at three options:
Nirisar 07.07.2018
Is that for getting in or going out... LOL I get cornfused...
Kacage 14.07.2018
Could be hundreds of different reasons. Conditions not favourable for life to develop beyond existing in current form. Due to the environment it may take longer to develop than on Earth. Life may have developed but since died out due to a cataclysmic event. List goes on.
Kijora 19.07.2018
What between genders? Your nuts!
Vuhn 25.07.2018
Fear and faith? What about love and curiosity?
Kigarg 30.07.2018
Read the transcript and testimony. He was asked to create a cake for a homosexual "wedding." They did not just go into the shop and try to pick out one that was already created. So, that sincere Christian would have been creating something to facilitate sin. That is unreasonable to ask.
Goltilabar 01.08.2018
See, if I went over and his place was really dirty, especially kind of early on, I would probably not be inclined to keep dating him. I'm not trying to spend my time cleaning up after a grown man.
Shagul 08.08.2018
Apologies. Indeed TFCC. You I usually agree with. ??
Akijora 11.08.2018
Yes. That's also true.
Memuro 20.08.2018
According to Catholics the old covenants were 1) God?s covenant with Noah where he wouldn?t just flood the humans again.
Daishicage 28.08.2018
Jesus never says he is building somthing new as evidence by the teachings of his eraliest followers . They believed he was chosen to lead them back to the old ways of Moses and a strict observance of Torah... The Nazoreans which is a title often given to the early diciples are also closely associated with a Qumran document known as the War Scroll if this is accurate their view of Jesus was that he would return to lead the army of Israel aided by angels to defeat the Roman anti-Christ. Quite fascinating
Kazilrajas 29.08.2018
Sweet! Pancakes and horoscopes!
Tajar 01.09.2018
Yes agreed I do think this is within reason
Mikajinn 04.09.2018
The argument is:
Shajinn 10.09.2018
True, yet my words were for people of 'discernment', which is a hard find. "Use discernment the reader", and "how do you read?"
Vim 17.09.2018
Goats were a big thing when I lived in Texas. It was always weird when I worked in a Tech support role. I'd go outside to smoke and teh farmer next door would have a bunch of goats out, climbing over his cars and staring at us.