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Dirty office threesome - Brazzers

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And Trump supporters don?t believe racism is an issue. BOOM! Goes the dynamite! There it is!

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Nikosho 13.03.2018
Yes, be little robots. Conform. Don't express any individuality. Brilliant.
Mezigami 16.03.2018
1. Define your version of hate speech. The only things NOT protected by the first amendment are listed here:
Kijin 18.03.2018
Evil man is the devil himself, what you need is to conquer him not by his world's but by the way the spirit leads. Its a temptation exercise of the devil.
Tazuru 26.03.2018
So god made us imperfect for a relationship? God is after family? It seems to me god is kind of needy, for a perfect omnipotent being. Also, I would say it's cruel. God made us knowing we would spend eternity suffering. Suffering for an eternity because we did not believe in something that left literally no irrefutable evidence of its existence. That's not only cruel, but petty. If I were to condemn my two year old to an eternity of suffering for breaking rules she didn't know existed, can I still claim to love her?
Arashilrajas 28.03.2018
Yes, spin it all you want however, your "loving" god is a vindictive bastard who said fcuk it, and wiped the planet clean, or so the story goes...
Zulugor 02.04.2018
If you are saying make a law that bars young people from going to church.
Dujar 06.04.2018
define "self-created". What are the odds a butterfly is self-created from a caterpillar?
Tojatilar 15.04.2018
There are, or have been, literally millions of gods. Some are still with us, and some have disappeared into the mists of time.
Karisar 20.04.2018
"I know I made the claim but a lot more people made this claim long before me. There are literally thousands of books on the topic of energy. Do your own research."
Dotaxe 27.04.2018
I'm not saying anything other then prove your claim that religion is a lie .
Shaktijinn 28.04.2018
You are very gracious in giving Him the benefit of the doubt.
Sahn 30.04.2018
No, that's your point, I believe. The Bible's point is that THE sin of Sodom was inhospitality and lack of charity. According to the source material, the book of Ezekiel, homosexuality doesn't even get mentioned. Surprised?
Gardak 09.05.2018
Lol. So, the abortion issue is also tied in with white supremacy?
Barr 09.05.2018
But wait, I thought the whole idea was that
Meztim 15.05.2018
and yet you're the one disrespecting Rob Ford, claiming he physically abused someone, when all it was was an accident in which he bumped into her, knocked her over, and he did stop, helped to her feet, and apologized to her,
Shaktikazahn 21.05.2018
Do you work in a university?
Tojataxe 26.05.2018
With that I can agree.
Kigaktilar 27.05.2018
"The ONLY way to even be remotely assured is to follow the Bible."
Takora 01.06.2018
"Jesus died spiritually." Is Jesus not 100% back at the right hand of the father or is he only 80% there? "Why was a sacrifice needed?" Because god could not just forgive he had to make a deal. Blood in trade of forgiveness. "Sin or away from God is breaking covenant." So forgiveness is not free it comes with conditions. " Its a love story..." Yes that is what spouse abusers tell their victims.
Sam 11.06.2018
In Uganda for instance? Two psycho American ChristoFascists, Scott Lively and Matt Barber went there and with the help of a really freaky Ugandan Pastor Martin "Poo Poo Pastor" Ssempa designed and got their government to pass the Kill the Gays bill. Lively is actually on trial in Massacheuttes for Crimes Against Humanity over it. Ssempa is actually now in prison, under a variant of that very law. He was called Poo Poo Pastor because he would go around with a laptop full of gay porn and give outrageous descriptions of gay sex acts including how gays ate the poo poo from each others butts. He was put in prison for promotion of homosexuality because of all the gay porn on his computer. Talk about Karma huh?
Zuran 11.06.2018
Sing all you want, and nobody will even know you are praying so I don't see your point.