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The studies gay website Gay

Shaft Ring Harness 2 - Commentary of a shaft ring and a dry orgasm

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I don?t argue that the Bible doesn?t need to be reinterpreted according to modern humanist theistic understanding. However, you claimed the Bible as "A FALSE HISTORY."

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The studies gay website Gay
The studies gay website Gay
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Yole 03.04.2018
What gets me is that most of the congregation is poor but the preachers are actively shaming them if they do not give their 10% minimum to the church. Shame on them, getting rich off the poor.
Zulkir 06.04.2018
LOL. Nah, was away for a while. Went to a much better place than falkin Ontariowe. For the moment I'm back.
Dokinos 12.04.2018
No, the majority of monotheistic religions were sun worshippers despite how they twist their modern claims to thwart now commonly held scientific understandings such as the sun being a star.
Tojalar 13.04.2018
Sexuality is natural; religion is not.
Mojas 21.04.2018
"in which Trump Jr. colluded with the Russians."
Nektilar 24.04.2018
I apologize for bringing a post from another thread here, but that thread was closed.
Akinozahn 27.04.2018
Yes He is nonexistent in your lost mind.
Kigakasa 05.05.2018
You are missing a key point when you say "everything happens by God's will." First, foreknowledge does not overturn free will. If I know someone very well, and 'know' they will do something a specific way, that doesn't negate their free will, and I can't even foresee the future. Everything does NOT happen 'by God's Will." If God commands us to behave in a certain way, and we don't - then that
Vudot 08.05.2018
I just find the alternatives far more appalling. Criticising the current administration can only lead to what happened last night, something worse.
Bajin 11.05.2018
Insanity huh? Jesus is now white.....I mean come on. Johan Abrahams has some really strange ideology.